Descend the derelict space ship, fending off the hordes of Frankies (a classic and violent species of aliens) in this turn-based roguelike. Make sure to grab enough ammo, as the number of Frankies per floor will only increase.


  • Cursor/WASD: Move
  • Shift + Cursor/WASD: Look in direction without moving
  • Ctrl/Left Mouse Button + Cursor/WASD: Fire in direction

Part of the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 2016 - Dev Thread

StatusIn development
Release date May 22, 2016
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsRoguelike, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few minutes


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Hey, pretty much what TG said, solid framework for more mechanics and content. Nice one! :D

This is a cute little roguelike! It's a bit barebones at the mo - needs more audio/visual feedback and structure - but the look function and last-known-position mechanics were satisfying and tense.